The 509-km Lycian Way way connecting Antalya with Finike is described as one of the world’s most beautiful hiking trails by the English newspaper “The Sunday Times.“


Olympos Beydağları Coastal National Park lies from Sarısu to Antalya – Kumluca highway and Gelidonya Lighthouse in parallel to the Mediterranean Sea.

Natural beaches and ancient cities are situated on the western coastline of the Gulf of Antalya. The geographical focus point of the national park, the Olympos (Tahtalı) Mountain is the closest mountain to sea as well as the highest mountain on the Mediterranean Basin. This mountain which reaches a height of 2,400 meters is an important point for trekking and mountaineering.


This romantic and ancient port town offers you the perfect combination of pine forests and the sea just 16-km away from Beycik. You’ll enjoy the history, the forests and the sea in this unmatched location.

A 20-24-meter-wide magnificent street runs through the middle of the city. The Hadrian Waterway Gate is on the southern part of the street. There are ruins of shops and stores on both sides of the street. Besides, the public places such as Roman baths, agoras and theatres can be visited. These structures are known to be dated to the 1st or 2nd century BC.


Çıralı is located in the west of Olympos Bay 20 km’s. from Beycik and is one of the most picturesque beaches of the neighborhood with its unspoiled nature.

The beach is surrounded by the forests of lemon and orange trees and is within walking distance to the ancient city of Olympos.

Çıralı has a long and wide gravel beach beautified by the forests behind. There are small restaurants on the beach. This natural protected area is the reproduction site of the loggerhead sea turtles (Caretta Caretta) that are preserved specifically. Çıralı stands out as one of the most beautiful and jolliest beach of the region.


Chimaera is a rocky formation located 17 km. from Beycik. It can be reached from Çıralı and is 250 meters above sea level. Chimaera is featured by the flames that burn on top of the rocks over thousands of years.

This is an eternal fire on an open rocky terrain in the midst of the forest. These mysterious flames have been mentioned by authors since the 4th century B.C. The ruins near the fire belong to an ancient Byzantine church.


Being only 18 km’s from Beycik, Olympos is an ancient port town which dates back to 200 B.C. It embraces all the beauties of nature including a wide gravel beach and a clear brook flowing into the sea. The ancient city stretches into the amazing Çıralı beach which is within walking distance. You can enjoy the beach, sea and history alltogether.


Adrasan bay is a natural wonder on the Lycian Way with only a 30-km distance from Beycik. This wide gravel beach is surrounded by spectacular mountains.

The closed bay of Adrasan has a vast and long beach. It is possible to get into sea to bath from wherever you want. Opposite the bay, Eliğ of the Musa Mountain draws attention with its camel-like silhouette. If you climb up through the forest from both sides of the bay, get ready to be amazed by the aesthetic and magnificent view of the bay.


Kemer is 25 km’s from Beycik.

It is regarded as one of the most-developed tourist attractions in Turkey in recent years, due to its sea, beaches, hotels, cafes, restaurants, shops, marinas and numerous other entertainment venues.


Gelidonya Lighthouse is at the far-end point of Antalya by the Mediterranean Sea. This intersection point of green and blue is one of the most picturesque hiking routes of Turkey. The Gelidonya Lighthouse and the Five Islands in its front are important for the Lycian geography and the Lycian naval history.

In ancient times, countless ships drifted on to the rocks and sank because of the cross currents. For this reason, the cape became the location of many shipwrecks. These shipwrecks dating back to the 15th century B.C. are exhibited in (Uluburun) Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology. The Ancient Lycian Way starting from Ephesus passes by the lighthouse. Thanks to its 227-meter height, it is the highest lighthouse of Turkey and offers the most amazing views.


Rhodiapolis is located on the slope of a hill covered with pine trees. This ancient site which has spectacular views of Kumluca and the sea is 2.5 km’s from Kumluca, a district of Antalya.

The ruins of Rhodiapolis were revealed after a forest fire. It was one of the colonies of Rhodes and a member of the Lycia Union. The impressive remains of the city can still be viewed over a vast area.


Situated on Elmalı way in the Finike district of Antalya, the ancient city of Arykanda is one of the most significant capitals of the Lycian civilization.

The magnificent ruins of Arykanda were known as the wealthiest city of the vicinity in history and has survived until today. This is one of the exceptional must-see attractions even for the vacationers who are not interested in ancient ruins. The ancient city is hidden and protected by the forest.

Nowadays, Moonlight Concerts are held here on a full moon by the Finike Municipality.


Ulupınar is a touristic valley which is 9 km’s from Beycik and along the Finike route. This location has an abundance of restaurants that serve salmon, trout and many other dishes under giant trees along a cool running brook.

The unmatched and fascinating smell of pine trees will welcome you as you enter the valley a way from the main road. Later, the icy water coming from the peak of the Taurus Mountains will accompany you with the pine forests. You can eat salmon and trout at the restaurants built on the waterfalls and the running brooks.